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Over 30 businesses rely on Makilo Managed Services for their website support, hosting and security - here’s why.

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Your website is everything to your business.

It’s one of your biggest digital assets, giving your customers a place to find you, interact with you, and directly pay you – all on your terms. It’s business critical, featuring transactions, customer data and enquiries.

That’s why it’s also a target.

We all know that digital assets come with an element of risk, which is why cybersecurity is such a critical part of any business. The sophistication of AI means that it’s an area that requires increasing attention.

The average cost to a small to medium business for a data breach is £19,000. For larger businesses it’s infinitely higher. But the cost goes beyond money. It’s your brand – and any downtime is costly.

There is a way to stop it, but unfortunately it’s not a one-stop process. It needs constant maintenance.

The inspiration behind Makilo Managed Services

We created Makilo Managed Services following requests from some of our biggest clients. They understood the importance of keeping on top of the issues – and their past experiences reinforced their sense of urgency.

We used their feedback as research to design a one-stop product around security that would take care of absolutely everything, without having to spend hours on calls with large SaaS suppliers with minimal support!

It’s led us to this point where we can confidently say we follow all the best practices to keep your website safe.

Our own method is to use surround sound protection, which takes multiple formats – from regular security patches, to 24×7 firewall protection and monitoring against threats. In the worst case of an adverse event, our monitoring system would notify us immediately.

We even do our security work in a staging environment so there is zero downtime. We take full responsibility because it’s the only way to give you complete peace of mind.

A personal touch in the world of security

My name is Patrick Barrington. While you may not have heard my name before, you’ll definitely have heard of some of the websites I’ve helped. We manage over 30 client websites, including multi-million pound organisations. As such, we’ve made our security measures the priority.

As head of cybersecurity at Makilo, I take responsibility for all of our clients – and there are plenty in Milton Keynes and beyond that we help – including TISA, Skyline Taxis, The Parks Trust and Dawsongroup.

The reason these clients come to us is because too many organisations view it as an afterthought – and being committed to site security isn’t one of their core services.

For us it’s the opposite, which is why I check in with my clients each month and am always a direct point of contact that people can build relationships over years, not months.

Given my knowledge in this area, and deep understanding that every website is different, it’s an area that I’m passionate about, which is only possible because of the time and effort I’ve taken in getting to know individual clients and the solutions they’re looking for.

The biggest challenge is complacency

Having a secure website isn’t something that anyone would want to compromise on. However, we find the biggest complacency people have is ‘because it hasn’t happened to us yet’.

Given that over 40% of websites have been compromised in the last 10 years, it’s an odds game that most clients wouldn’t want to risk, simply because the financial and time cost of recovering from a breach is on average 30x higher than the cost of any security service – not to mention the time you take out of your business to sort it out.

Here’s what’s included in Makilo Managed Services:

  • Managed web hosting
  • WordPress core software updates
  • Theme and plugin software updates
  • Testing procedure
    • Checking key website functionality and test forms
  • Daily backups
  • Operating system security updates
  • Firewall
  • SSL certificate
  • Caching
  • Website support
    • Dedicated amount of time each month focused on you
  • Direct contact with Pat at anytime
    • No automated support or chatbots!

Contact Pat directly at, on 01908 698 780 or using the form below:

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.