A Seamless Transition to Enhanced Website Security and Efficiency with Makilo Managed Services



The Investing and Saving Alliance (TISA) stands as a beacon for the promotion of financial well-being for UK consumers. Working collectively with the Financial Services Industry, their expansive reach and commitment to innovation encompasses major investment managers, retail banks, insurance companies, online platforms, and many more, all united under TISA’s broad canopy. With a significant online presence and multifaceted web functionalities, TISA’s digital domain is a crucial asset, one that requires rigorous management and security.


TISA’s website is not just any ordinary platform. As a custom-built site, it integrates multiple plugins, payment gateways, and CRM systems, making its architecture complex. With the responsibility of safeguarding data and ensuring uninterrupted operations for their services, TISA required a partner experienced at managing and maintaining such an intricate digital infrastructure.


Enter Makilo Managed Services. Upon TISA reaching out, our first order of business was a comprehensive audit of their site. This allowed us to look ‘under the hood’ of the website’s construction, review all integrated systems, and understand the existing security and maintenance processes. Our experienced team assessed the utility of each plugin, recommending those to be retained, removed, or rebuilt.

Post audit, we migrated TISA’s website to our hosting infrastructure. This move was instrumental in granting us the ability to respond promptly to any requirements, from backups to software patching.

The updating process commenced. WordPress and all plugins underwent a thorough update. This entire operation was executed in a dedicated staging environment so that the live site remained unaffected.

Ensuring robust functionality after the updates, we created a testing procedure, ranging from processing event ticket payments to receiving contact form submissions. With security as a focus, we used a trustworthy and well supported security plugin and implemented an immediate notification system for critical security updates and downtime.


With the expertise of Makilo Managed Services:

Stability and Security

TISA’s website had increased security, to protect them against potential threats.

Efficient Updates

With a staging environment in place, TISA’s site could now seamlessly undergo necessary updates without any operational disruptions.

Proactive Monitoring

Round-the-clock surveillance ensured any vulnerabilities and downtime were instantly detected, enabling swift corrective action.


With the support and expertise of Makilo, TISA with their vast member database and significant digital responsibilities, will continue to stand fortified against digital threats and is primed for efficient operations. 

Due to the work undertaken on the TISA site, we successfully secured the development of their sub entity website – The Universal Reporting Network (TURN), which went live October 2023. 

Makilo Managed Services didn’t just offer a solution; we provided peace of mind.