Makilo Workshop: Discover & Build with AI as a Service


Unleash your Curiosity and Have Fun Exploring AI as a Service at Makilo’s Workshop Event!

Are you curious about AI and want to learn more about the potential of AI as a Service in 2023? Do you want to experiment, learn, and have fun with like-minded individuals? Join us at Makilo’s upcoming workshop, where we’re celebrating curiosity and fostering a spirit of experimentation in the world of AIaaS!

Date: Thursday, 30th March 2023

Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm

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Makilo, Studio 204, Milton Keynes Business Centre, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes, MK14 6GD

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W3W: [optimally.timer.plastic] 

What’s in store for you at Makilo’s AI as a Service Workshop? 

  • Interactive sessions to explore AIaaS trends and technologies
  • Collaborative hands-on activities with popular AI platforms and tools
  • An open, supportive environment to learn and experiment
  • Networking opportunities with fellow enthusiasts
  • Fun challenges and games that spark creativity and innovation

Why you should come along?

  • Satisfy your curiosity about AI as a Service
  • Experiment and learn at your own pace
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals
  • Expand your knowledge and skill set

Hurry, limited spots available! Reserve now:

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P.S If you’re wondering if ChatGPT wrote this post then you already know the answer 😅 I toned down most of the cheese.

P.P.S. There will be pizza and beer 👍

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