Tom our Makilo web developer tells us what questions to ask when getting a new website.

Clients come in all shapes and sizes. Although I’d like to claim that all our clients come to us with an exciting new project, most do, but not all. Today I want to talk to you about those website clients that contact us because they’re helpless, confused and more often than not, thoroughly p****d off!

I had a referral from a new client recently who simply wanted a few images / text changes on a WordPress website. Simple stuff. I quoted a couple of hours work and suggested I show them how to log into WordPress and update content themselves. In their response they were flabbergasted – “What, I can login myself and make changes? … and why is this quote x10 cheaper than my current website developers?”. The alarm bells started ringing at that point…

Every business owner knows they need a website – that’s a given. But they do not necessarily yet fully understand why or what they need a website for. As web developers, it’s up to us to explain the benefits and ensure the client understands what they can do to get the most out of their new website. And why wouldn’t we – the more successful our clients become, the more work that’ll naturally flow our way.

Let’s revisit our dazed and confused client from earlier. After digging a little deeper, it turned out their website developers had built them exactly the new website they wanted – in fact they were quite happy with it. And here comes the punchline… that’s all they’d built! A static website with no content management system or training in place, and therefore no means for the client to actually use their website to grow their business. Long story short, we ported the client’s new website into WordPress and now they have the keys to edit content and create blog posts themselves.

Ask Your Web Developers

Website Developers Makilo

The lesson here; are my web developers asking me the right questions?

  1. Do we need to be able to add / edit content?
  2. Do we need website training for staff?
  3. Who’s supporting the website and what happens if something goes wrong?
  4. What are the yearly hosting costs and what does this include/exclude?

Business owners have to put a lot of trust in their web developers. Rightly so, it’s a complex field that’s an integral part of a business. We’re responsible for how your customers perceive your business in the digital world, not to mention important functionality such as email, conversion tracking and support.

If you are buying a new website, make sure you are using trusted web developers. After all it is your website to take care of for years to come.

Website Developers Makilo

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