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The Parks Trust
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Milton Keynes has access to a vast amount of green space and parkland. It provides a balance, at least to those who know the area, to the common misconception that MK is all concrete and roundabouts and its The Parks Trust who are responsible for ensuring it stays in peak condition. The organisation embodies the idea that part of what makes Milton Keynes so unique is the unexpected environments you encounter around the next bend. And while the Trust is responsible for keeping all of those areas safe and clean – the work they do is more than reactive maintenance. A web application covering Milton Keynes, surveying and monitoring assets from the sculptures in a park to the trees on the verge of a roadside becoming an opportunity to improve efficiency.

The Parks Trust are an organisation it’s easy to take for granted, so much a part of the cities fabric that a lot of the work they do goes unnoticed.

Makilo Approach

Project Outline:

The Trust has a fantastic public-facing web presence developed during a recent upgrade to their Visual Identity. However, they reached out to Makilo for a technical solution for one of the emerging challenges of looking after Milton Keynes’ green spaces and their transition to digital infrastructure for cataloguing and surveying all of the assets they look after.

The Parks Trust needed a solution that could help streamline the processes they had and put a system into the hands of the Officer in the field who better understand what’s unique about the MK environment and how to maintain the landscape proactively. Rather than paper surveys and notes on-site, being written up and uploaded upon return to the office.

The Parks Trust Milton Keynes
The Parks Trust
The Parks Trust
The Parks Trust

The Parks Trust had a clear idea on how to improve their working processes, Makilo aimed to test any assumptions that had been made and tailor the application to provide a digital alternative that could be built out further in the most flexible way.


After a period of consultation and a stakeholder workshop, we worked alongside the team at The Parks Trust to specify the requirements a web application that would address the reporting and survey work at the scale required would need. 

An online approach that prioritised clarity, and combatted the realities of patchy signal, health and safety concerns and challenging working environments. Landing on the .gov design framework as an easy to use approach to formatting the complex survey structures and tens of thousands of instances relating to just the cities trees. We also supported a management logic that allowed the entire team to not only keep track of the parkland in a more streamlined way but focus on addressing Trees, Tree Groups and Zones within alongside the distribution of staff resources and handovers between workers.

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