MNDBDYTHRPY - Website + Visual Identity

MNDBDYTHRPY - Website + Visual Identity

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Mind Body Therapy
Mind Body Therapy - Visual Identity + Website
Mind Body Therapy

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Mind Body Therapy is a practice based in Sydney run by Erinco Sgarbossa. Enrico offers a variety of solutions to help clients overcome physical injury and stress-related issues.

Enrico wanted to develop a visual identity and website that reflected a shift in lifestyle. His customers were searching for options where mindfulness played a more significant role in therapeutic treatments.

The Mind Body Therapy website’s brief was to deliver a more modest, refreshing approach in this growing marketplace. We focused on photography and a layout that is easy to navigate, which adds to a calming appeal for potential clients. The images on the website work hard to showcase his tranquil studio, and how it, like his practice, might provide a sanctuary within a busy city like Sydney.

Mind Body Therapy is all about the client. It is a business based on healing and serenity. Makilo made a website that radiates this message through uncomplicated design.

Mind Body Therapy

Project Outline:

Enrico has an open mind to welcoming and embracing technology. He understands the importance of online presence and knows that planning and quality finishes are behind developing a businesses’ brand. Mind Body Therapy and Makilo collaborated throughout the project on strategy, design and development. Enrico’s main ambition was to achieve a new route to outreach and be an accessible point of contact for any client in need. The outcome of his website embodies his brand and vision.

Mind Body Therapy
Mind Body Therapy - Visual Identity + Website


Mind Body Therapy is a website that reflects a shift in lifestyle. For a cosmopolitan city such as Sydney, it is important that the website speaks the same language as the locals.



With Mind Body Therapy, we wanted to do few things – be direct about services, focus on Enrico and do a ‘massage therapy’ style site that was soft and relaxing without being full of cliché. No piles of stones, candles or oils.

The photography provided was excellent. The muted feel to the images meant that we had a good baseline for the mood. We pulled colours out of the photos and directly into the palette: the pinks, earthy and white shades all coming from the clothing.

The logo and glyph needed to be modest and straightforward to reflect the ideas in the content provided. We wanted the idea that using the services would ‘expand your horizons’ a little, so the idea of the condensed and expanded logotypes is to show that change in state became a deliberate motif in the design.

The glyph with the three dots is also a shorthand representing mind, body and therapy. Rotating and multiplying the dots, builds a small mandala over time for use across the identity. This little mandala again was inspired by the small smile graphic Enrico selected on his white T-shirt.

Other design ideas were stacking content blocks and overlaying subtle textures alongside bold monospaced typography.


To make Enrico’s vision come to life, we had a budget that enabled: visual identity, the website design, the website build and an ad campaign.

The visual identity included logo, typography and colours, which are intertwined into the website design and build. The result is a very simple and effective website that conveys the product of Mind Body Therapy.

As part of follow-on support, we found room in the budget to set up a Google Ads campaign to traffic the site.