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Milton Keynes is just one of the locations the Herd Hire approach is taking hold. Vehicle rental and commercial fleet management company Herd are the organisation driven to offer a more inclusive take on how best to service the needs of a changing economy and the style of modern workplaces able to respond rapidly to the requirements of their customers.

As the company name suggests, Herd Group is about inclusivity, bringing people together in the way they do things. In contrast to the competition what drives the company is proving proof that care in how they act.

Project Outline:

Herd found themselves in a position where the rate of their growth had resulted in a cumulation of requirements across several web properties.

Makilo entered the engagement needing to address the franchise aspect of the group and the need for a lightweight website and set up procedure for each of the locations, their teams and there digital capabilities. A brochure/corporate style site to reflect the needs to articulate the brand and finally a business fleet focused site that could support Herds position as experts in the sector-based aspects of managing a fleet of commercial vehicles.

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The Herd Group has diversified its offering to facilitate the company CARE values throughout the business.
It recognised that the interpretation of those values changed within each component and that a blanket approach to the different websites wouldn’t reflect the strengths found in each.


Makilo were able to jump into design and development of the franchise offering immediately, putting together a template system that deployed, managed and orchestrated centrally as new locations came onboard. Updates and developmental changes applied and rolled out whiles still providing the capability for franchise owners to address localised opportunities. Peripheral materials and support were also carried out in conjunction with Head office and distributed as required.

Following on from this immediate needs of the franchisees, a more detailed consultation and on-site workshop with Makilo allowed both parties to focus in on the requirements of the business support web properties. The corporate myHerd website and the Herd Business site, catering to two different acquisition streams and stylistic approaches.

The more aspirational USP focused ‘myHerd’ built to engage potential new franchisees. And a resource-heavy article based website to aggregate and deliver useful insight to prospective business fleet customers interested in the sector-specific knowledge required to provide appropriate vehicle management.


  • Scalable solution for multiple franchise locations/ on boarding
  • Bookings through the franchise websites, only send an enquiry.
  • Franchise location advertising infrastructure and dedicated CMS
  • Business support solutions for the groups’ owners
  • Franchisee Google set up, Ads, Business, Analytics, tag manager
  • Reporting as required – including teams based insights
  • Provision of an engagement-driven corporate site, with existing VI
  • Marketing and business strategy support for Herd business site


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