Google Ads Grant Management for Charities and Nonprofits.

Google Ad Grants

Google Ads Grant Management for Charities and Nonprofits

Why you need to keep on top of managing your Google Ads account.

As part of Google’s policy, to maintain ongoing access to your grant you’ll need to comply with Google’s recommendations and have a high-quality website and Google Ads account.   

Google’s website policy states you must have a high-quality website for your users to land on when they click your ad. The website must have a clear description of your organisation and its mission statement, be easy to navigate, have up-to-date content and information, secured with HTTPS, fast load time and not contain broken links.

In terms of your ads, Google’s program policy requires setting up correct account structure, using relevant keywords, maintaining a quality score and CTR (click-through rate), and responding to programme surveys. In addition, have event tracking set up on your website to track conversions (e.g. enquiries, volunteer sign-ups, donations) to show which leads and enquiries came from Google Ads.

If the above sounds like a daunting task, don’t worry.

We have experienced account managers and developers here at Makilo who can support you with your website and Google Ads account to maintain your eligibility and make an impact.

How we proactively manage your Google Ads account.

We take a proactive approach for managing Google Ads accounts and campaigns to make sure you continue to have access to the grant. This includes:

  • Google Ads Grant application support
  • Account set up and campaign creation
  • Google Analytics 4 and conversions set up
  • Ongoing campaign management and optimisation
  • Google Ad Grants policy compliance checks
  • Monthly performance reporting and online meeting

What's the Google Ads Management cost?

Each of our clients have different goals and we work with them to understand how much support they’ll need from us and a monthly management fee that suits their budgets. Our monthly Google Ads management starts from £400 +VAT per month (£200 +VAT for micro charities).

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the Google Ads Grant for your charity or nonprofit then talk to us or request a call-back:

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