The 7 best practices to ensure a robust website

Safeguarding your website is the cornerstone of your success. But with new advances with AI and web technologies, there’s increased threat to businesses whose presence is online. We’ve worked with 30+ businesses and given them a stable base to build from. Here are the 7 best practices to ensure a robust website. 1. Regular Security […]

Conversion boosting, SEO ranking and user experience

The speed at which your website loads is make or break. It’s the difference between converting a visitor into a customer. It influences 3 vital aspects of your online presence: 1. Conversions2. SEO rankings3. User experience Here’s why it matters (in 2 mins): 1. Boosted Conversions: Every second counts in the digital world  when it […]

Here’s why the right web hosting might help you scale faster.

A business that scales is a business that succeeds. What scaling usually looks like: – Increased marketing– Enhanced customer service– Optimised online presence What this leads to: Increased traffic to your website. But if your online presence isn’t built to handle all your hard earned traffic, you’ll lose trust and reputation. A stable foundation means […]

Trying to combat cyber threats?

Cyber threats evolve constantly, targeting businesses regardless of their size. As new and exciting digital technologies hit the market, so do opportunists looking to take advantage of cracks in the code. But that’s the problem. Security updates are never a one-time job. It requires proactive maintenance to protect against potential breaches and data vulnerabilities. Websites […]

Is your slow website losing you customers?

Every second counts in the digital world. Slow-loading websites cost businesses millions in revenue each year. Don’t believe us? Here’s a mindblowing statistic: Amazon reported a 1% revenue increase for every 100 milliseconds of improvement to their site speed. A faster website enhances user satisfaction, boosts search engine rankings, and increases conversions. Visitors are more […]

What you should look for when choosing a CMS

Your content management system (CMS) plays a pivotal role in creating the right customer experience. 57% of visitors will abandon a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. So selecting the right CMS and hosting setup is one of the most important decisions for your business. Our team specialises in WordPress for our […]