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Aki is wonderfully passionate about children and well-being. Her care and devotion is amplified in akismassage.com.au. Aki’s infant massage is a dream that became a reality in Australia. As an educator and practitioner she has enlightened many parents with physical, mental and emotional development in infants. Infant massage carries broader meaning and educational concepts within its practice.

The styling of Aki’s website represents all things holistic. The colour palette has warm earthy tones that connotes nature and speaks therapy with botanical vibes. 

In the context of children, we were conscientious to include playful childlike brushstrokes, the effect is a textured aesthetic and compliments the sensory aspects of Aki’s approach. This website tastefully represents Aki and her work. The imagery and house style is mindful about the intimacy of her work and appropriate physical touch. The result is a beautifully vibrant website that is gender neutral and sensitive to the topic of parent and infant relationship. 

Akiha Sgarbossa – Infant Massage Instructor and Paediatric Massage Consultant.


Project Outline:

It is very fitting that Aki’s husband is Enrico from Mind Body Therapy. While they have individual and bespoke websites, both have well-being at  the very core of their work. They are both located in Sydney, Australia, and Aki contacted us after we launched Enrico’s website. Our team happily collaborates with anyone from Milton Keynes to the other side of the world.

This website and business was a completely new venture for Aki.

Being self-employed and having a unique business, Aki needed a website to launch her brand identity. From logo, to online identity, graphics and house style we shaped and nurtured her ideas into existence.


Aki’s infant massage suits no better place than Sydney, Australia in the 21st Century.

Solution + Delivery:

Here at Makilo we wanted to give Aki something that referenced her ideas and resonated with parents. With new parents in our team, we could offer sincere feedback from the targeted demographic. We voiced what we’d expect as parents from the website and discussed the kind of service described. This gave us a great foundation to work from and how to appeal to both a mother or a father.

In terms of graphics, we went for something a little less illustrative and feminine, such as avoiding flowers to appeal to a wider audience. As the therapy is about interconnectedness, we featured botanical and natural aspects that lends itself to calm and tranquil feelings.

We agreed upon a logo option that reflected a boutique therapy service. Real care and consideration was put into the typography choice, with how to establish the business. This was integral to the launch as the logo often stands out best if the business is an individual word or named after a person.

Without knowing the field it seemed sensible to also avoid ‘massage’ imagery or iconography. By not falling into the world of ‘massage’ stereotypes, it brings the opportunity for Aki’s business to blossom without limitation.

This creative collaboration between Aki and Makilo is a shared success.

With the focus on website and delivery, Aki’s business has taken wings with a little soul and imagination thrown in for good measure.